Sejarah Tentang Batu Cave Malaysia

Sejarah Batu Cave – Goa yang dipercaya adalah tempat para dewa hindu yang berada di malaysia memiliki banyak sejarang yang pantas kita bahan diartikel ini. Monumen suci yang berada di dalam goa tinggi dan dalam pegunungan batu kapur malaysia, monumen batu cave yang sudah berumur 400 juta tahun lalu ini menjadi wisata nasional bagi para wisatawan di seluruh dunia manapun. pada tahun 1860-an, ketika malaysia mulai berkembang sebagai negara maju, banyak orang tiongkok yang berdatangan untuk mencari pekerjaan dan mencari kotoran burung dan kalilawar untuk di jadikan pupuk.

Sejarah Batu Cave

Pada tahun 1891, banyaknya pengunjung yang datang dari berbagai negara membuat pendiri kuil Thamboosamy Pillai memperjuangkan untuk di jadikan sebagai tempat pemujaan dewa hindu dengan membawa tombak surgawi yaitu dewa Murugan.

Disekitar wisata batu cave ini juga dekat dengan Genting Highlands. Berbeda dengan batu cave yang digunakan banyak wisatawan untuk berdoa. Di Genting Highlands justru banyak orang yang datang untuk menikmati hiburan air, makanan, dan juga game-game casino menarik seperti judi online.

Keunikan Sejarah Batu Cave

Di destinasi wisata satu ini terdapat beberapa keunikan
1. Goa batu cave berunsur alam dan religi, sehingga pengunjung bisa melihat ke 2 sisi terlihat keindahan alam yang begitu sempurna, terlebih lagi Batu Cave didukung oleh perusahaan Judi Slot Online yang sudah di percaya di wilayah asia tenggara.

2. Wisata ini memiliki anak tangga terbanyak jika anda ingin melihat mulut goa yang berada diatas. Jumlah anak tangga mencapai 272 anak tangga yang harus anda naikin perlahan. Banyak hal yang anda bisa lakukan di sana, kalian diperbolehkan berfoto-foto di atas goa melihat sejarah goa tersebut.

Selain Batu cave malaysia juga memiliki goa yang seperti labirin yaitu Drak cave yang tidak kalah serunya dengan batu cave.

Dark Cave yang satu ini berbeda dengan batu cave, dari namanya saja sudah kita tahu goa tersebut pasti gelap, akan tetapi goa ini benar-benar gelap sampai tidak ada titip celah cahaya yang masuk tidak seperti bace cave yang di sinari matahari.

Lokasi drak cave ini tepat di samping batu cave malaysia, di tengan anak tangga menuju batu cave anda akan menemukai pintu masuk yang bertulisan drak cave. kalian akan di tawari masuk oleh tourguide masing-masing, biasa masuk dalam goa drak cave hanya memakan waktu sekita 20 menit saja, dan harga paket masuknya juga berbeda-beda sekaligus jalur yang di berikan untuk umum juga berbeda.

Jika anda sudah berada di dalam goa anda akan kesulitan melihat jalan, tapi jagan khawatir pihak tour akan memberikan anda senter di kepala masing-masing. Jika anda beruntung anda akan menemukan laba-laba langka di dunia dan jangkrik seperti kelabang dengan kali yang banyak di dalam drak cave ini. karna dengan udara yang lembab dan tidak ada sinar matahari membuat binatang ini hidup dalam goa yang sangat gelap.

Historical Buildings in New York, USA

New York City has been in a constant state of construction since the very beginning. Throughout its history, the city has evolved into an architectural destination. With the 400th anniversary of the city’s founding right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to explore the buildings that make up the Big Apple’s iconic skyline.

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Historical Buildings in New York

The structure of the city has changed a lot in the process of development, but some of the architectural valuables are still preserved. These buildings reflect the historic values of New York. Some of the most important buildings that describe the history of this amazing city are as follows provided by

List of Historic Iconic Landmarks in New York City

List of Historic Iconic Landmarks in New York City

  • Brooklyn Bridge

In 1883, thousands of New Yorkers showed up to the opening ceremony of the Brooklyn Bridge. After 13 years of construction, locals were still concerned over its safety, and to prove its strength, authorities invited a circus entertainer to walk 21 elephants over the bridge. The 1,595-foot-long structure was the world’s longest suspension bridge until 1903, when the nearby Williamsburg Bridge overtook it by 4.5 feet. And in Brooklyn Bridge have situs game Judi Slot Online you have to go this place.

  • Trinity Church

The first Trinity Church was built on land designated in a charter by King William III in 1697, and it was destroyed in a fire in 1776. The second Trinity Church was opened in 1790, and it was torn down in 1839 after damage from severe snow. The third Trinity Church, which still stands today, opened in 1846 and was designed by Richard Upjohn with extravagant Gothic architecture. The church holds 23 bells, three sets of extravagant bronze doors, and a number of sculptures. In 1976, Trinity Church became a National Historic Landmark.

  • The Oculus

In the nearly two decades since terrorists attacked New York City’s World Trade Center, architects from all over the world have worked hard to rebuild what was lost. Rather than replicate what once existed, many of these creative thinkers have opted to develop new designs that respectfully pay tribute to the previous buildings—and, most importantly, to those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks.

Designed by famed Spanish architect and structure engineer Santiago Calatrava, this luminous space is intended to resemble “a bird flying from the hands of a child,” bringing a sense of hope to a site of tragedy.

  • Statue of Liberty

A massive copper-and-steel cast of a green lady raising a torch, clutching a tablet and donning a seven-point crown. The monument welcomed generations of immigrants to the United States as they passed through Ellis Island, the nation’s main entry station between 1892 and 1924 (it eventually closed in 1954).

  • The Dakota

Construction of the Dakota was completed in 1884, and luxury apartments became available in the Upper West Side. The building was named ‘The Dakota’ because not many people lived in the area, thus playing on the small population of the Dakotas. It is an architectural beauty, with gables and strong French and German influences. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1976.

Historical Tourist Places in Bali Must Visit

Historical Tourist Places in Bali Must Visit – If we talk about tourist destinations in Indonesia, then there are lots of locations that we can visit. Each tourist location will certainly have its own uniqueness that makes it different from the others.

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Indonesia, one of which is Bali. Many tourist destinations in Bali can be said to be never deserted with visitors.

If you are looking for casino sbobet games in Bali, then we do not recommend you to come on vacation to Bali. Because gambling is not permitted in Indonesia and there are legal rules.

Historical Tourist Places in Bali

Latest Post: Tempat Bersejarah Paling Angker Di Indonesia

Besides nature tourism, Bali is also famous for its history and culture. This history can be depicted in various museums, villages, castles, or shipwrecks. If you want to know more about the history of Bali, let’s see the information below!

Historic Tourist Places in Bali

Historic Tourist Places in Bali

  • Besakih Temple

The Besakih Temple Complex is the largest temple in Bali. The location itself is at the foot of Mount Agung. Precisely in Rendang District, Karangasem. This place is thick with history. It is evident from the relics of the megalithic era such as stone thrones and menhirs. When visiting, tourists are required to wear a scarf and sarong.

  • Kertas Gosa

The Kingdom of Klungkung was one of the parties that had existed in Bali between 1868 and 1908. They were the last kingdom in Bali to fight by means of bellows, in order to resist the attempts of conquest from the Dutch. Until now, there are still some relics of the Klungkung Kingdom left on the island of Bali. Apart from its historical value, this location is often visited by tourists because of its unique architecture.

  • Tanah Lot

The history of Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia based on legend. One legend tells that in the 15th century, Bhagawan Dang Hyang Nirartha or known as Dang Hyang Dwijendra carried out a mission to spread Hinduism from the island of Java to the island of Bali.

In the history of Tanah Lot, it is narrated that Dang Hyang Nirartha saw a holy light from the southern sea of ​​Bali. So Dang Hyang Nirartha looked for the location of the light. He arrived at a beach in a village called the village of Beraban Tabanan.

When Dang Hyang Nirartha saw the beauty of the beach in the village of Braban Tabanan Bali, Dang Hyang Nirartha decided that the beach location was very suitable for the location of the holy temple for the sea god. This will be the best place for playing Slot Online at Situs Judi Slot Terbaru 2021

  • Bali Bombing Monument / Ground Zero

The Bali Bombing Monument is located at Jalan Legian Kaja No. 38, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. The Bali Bombing monument or monument is a place that witnessed the tragedy of the Bali Bombings I & II in 2002 which is still the history of the most terrible terrorist acts in Bali. As is known, the Bali Bombings were caused by terrorism and recorded no less than 202 deaths.

The Bali Bombing Monument was only inaugurated on October 12, 2004 as historical evidence and commemorating all the victims of that time, by the Regent of Baddung Anak Agung Ngurah Oka Ratmadi.

  • Tirta Gangga Park

Previously, when it was built by the King of Karangasem in 1948, this place was a spring named Rajasa. This spring is used by the community to meet their daily water needs. India is the birthplace of Hinduism, in Bali itself the majority are Hindus. So, this spring is a holy spring for the Balinese Hindu community, just like the water of the Ganges river which is sacred for Hindus in India.

Tempat Bersejarah Paling Angker Di Indonesia

Jika anda suka berwisata maka salah satu yang harus ada dalam list tentu saja adalah sebuah tempat yang mengandung sejarah. Dengan adanya list perjalanan ke tempat yang bersejarah pasti akan menyenankan dan sekaligus menambah pengetahuan anda. Untuk kalian yang senang melakukan perjalanan maka tentu saja perlu biaya. Nah, kadang biaya menjadi sebuah kendala terbesar yang membuat anda tidak bisa melakukan perjalanan secara rutin. Untuk bisa melakukan perjalanan maka kalian hanya perlu uang.

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2 Tempat Bersejarah Paling Angker Di Indonesia

Jika melakukan perjalanan atau wisata ke tempat yang bersejarah dengan aroma mistis pasti menciptakan sensasi yang berbeda dan pengalaman tidak terlupakan. Nah, ada beberapa tempat bersejarah di Indonesia yang terkenal sangat angker di Indonesia. Adapun tempat bersejarah tersebut diantaranya adalah sebagai berikut :

Lawang Sewu

Sudah menjadi sebuah rahasia umum bagi penduduk Indoneia jika tempat bersejarah lawang sewu angker. Jumlah pintu di bangunan ini sangat banyak dan berdasarkan informasinya ada sekitar 1200. Meskipun sudah ditetapkan 1200 akan tetapi jika dihitung kembali pintu ini akan lebih ataupun kurang dari 1200. Jumlah pintu yang sering berubah adalah sebuah keanehan yang ada di Lawang Sewu. Nah, tidak sedikit orang yang pernah mendengar suara aneh seperti pekikan kuntilanak pada saat subuh dari tempat tersebut.

Rumah Tjong Afie

Jika kalian ke medan maka salah satu tempat bersejarah mistis terdapat di lokasi kesawan. Nah, lokasi ini banyak bangunan kuno khas belanda. Salah satu tempat bersejarah di daerah kesawan ini adalah Rumah Tjong Afie. Tjong Afie adalah keturunan etnis tionghoa yang sangat kaya di masanya. Rumah dari Saudagar kaya tersebut dikabarkan banyak sekali penampakan. Cerita berbau mistis pun sering terdengar dari rumah tersebut. Dikabarkan bahwa ada seorang pemabok yang ingin buang air kecil pintu utama dari rumah tersebut. Tidak sempat membuang air kecil si pemabok diganggu dan lari terbirit-birit sambil berteriak.

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History of Lumbini Natural Park – Berastagi

History of Lumbini Natural Park – Berastagi – If you want to go and look for the highest pagoda in Indonesia in situs slot pasti menang, you can visit a tourist area called Lumbini Natural Park which is located in Berastagi, North Sumatra.

For information, a replica of the shwedagon pagoda located in Myanmar already exists in Indonesia in the form of a replica of the pagoda in Lumbini Nature Park. For more details, let’s look at the details and history of the lumbini natural park.

History of Lumbini Natural Park in North Sumatra

You need to know that the name Lumbini actually comes from a series of pagodas located in Nepal, Sri Lanka. And for this lumbini is also a historic place and a tribute to the birthplace of Siddharta Gautama as the person who spread the teachings of Buddha. And this place is very suitable for playing Slot Online Terbaik at Daftar Situs Judi Slot Terbaik dan Terpercaya with another advantage which using wifi

This lumbini park was built for the first time in 2007, until 2010. It reaches 46.8 meters high, 68 meters long, ether and 68 meters wide. In Lumbini Park there is also the tallest Pagoda in Indonesia and also the second highest in Southeast Asia. For an area of ​​about 3 hectares which consists of a garden and there is also this pagoda.

History of Lumbini Natural Park - Berastagi

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But apparently it also exists in Indonesia by being in this lumbini park tourist spot. For this natural park, Lumbini also offers a variety of gardens that are very fresh and cool because they are still surrounded by various highlands in the middle of Mount Sibayak and also Mount Sinabung, of course when you want to go to this location you can also use a private car or bus with a jacket, of course.

Please also read good article as history of lake toba

As for going to the Berastagi Lumbini Park area, it can be reached in 2-3 hours from the city of Medan by road trip via bus or car. In this lumbini park you can also take selfies with friends or relatives, because there are so many beautiful and extraordinary views.

Rumah Banjar Bersejarah

Rumah Banjar Bersejarah – Atau biasa disebut oleh penduduk lokal nya dengan Rumah Ba’anjung, perpaduan antara 2 suku yaitu Banjar Asli & Dayak Bakumpai. Kadang mereka juga menyebut tempat tinggal mereka “Rumah BAHARI

Pada jaman dulu hampir semua design bangunan mereka berpatokan dari sini. Merupakan sebuah kebanggaan bagi semua orang dapat membangun seperti design kebanggan mereka, bahkan hingga sekarang masih bisa kita temukan tempat tingga nan sangat menarik & unik dari Kalimantan.

Penentuan design dari rumah Ba’anjung ini sudah menjadi sejarah Banjar dari tahun 1871, seorang kepala suku disana telah menciptakan rumah tersebut selama kurang lebih dalam waktu 3 bulan lamanya.Tentunya saja hal itu membuat anda bisa dengan baik untuk memainkan judi joker123 dengan agen joker123 terbaru 2021

Dalam sejarahnya rumah tersebut menjadi ciri khas khusus juga, ukiran dan perpaduan warna lokal yang masih cukup kental. Jika kamu berkunjung ke Kalimantan selain rumah adat ini masih banyak tempat bersejarah lainnya bisa anda lihat serta kunjungi.

Adat Istiadat Rumah Banjar Bersejarah

Rumah Banjar Bersejarah

Para Sultan dari bagsawan kerajaan di Kalimantan pada jaman dulu mempunyai keyakinan, dimana semakin tinggi rumah ini dibangun maka prosesi keagamaan menjadi lebih sakral. Mereka beranggapan berkat dari nenek moyang mereka akan terus melimpah layaknya tinggi rumah yang bisa menampung banyak nya penduduk ikut beribadah adat.

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Jaman dulu tidak semua warga boleh memiliki gaya rumah seperti itu. Namun seiring bergantinya tahun maka pemerintah mengeluarkan ijin agar semua warga boleh memiliki design tersebut. Dan kalian pun dapat memainkan game ibcbet live dengan dibantu oleh ibcbet asia

Sejarah yang hingga kini masih ada beberapa bangunan umum menggunkan design ini sebagai bentuk dari bangunan mereka masih bisa kalian jumpai. Seperti : Bank Lokal, Sekolah Negeri, Musium, Serta tempat – tempat umum lainnya banyak menirukan gaya ini.

Bila anda melakukan liburan ke Kalimantan, maka pilihlah daerah Kalimantan Tengah / Selatan karena diantara 2 kota ini saja bisab menemukan gaya rumah Banjar / Suku Dayak. Beberapa Hotel lokal disana juga menjadikan tampilan hotel mereka menjadi sangat unik, sehingga para tamu merasakan budaya lokal masih kental disana.

Demikian Tempat Sejarah di Indonesia rumah Ba’anjung dari Kalimantan yang bisa kami liput kali ini, semoga pada artikel selanjutnya kami bisa memberikan kalian informasi lebih menarik mengenai SEJARAH dari berbagai daerah. Salam hangat dari kami, semoga informasi nan selalu dibagikan menjadi berguna atau menambah wawasan Sejarah kamu. Terimakasih telah berkunjung!

4 Tempat Bersejarah di Indonesia Paling Populer

Liburan ke salah satu tempat bersejarah ialah kegiatan mendatangi beragam lokasi bersejarah serta memiliki manfaat mendapatkan berita berupa latar belakang berdirinya tempat atau situs sejarah itu sendiri. Tempat bersejarah di Indonesia tersebar di beragam lokasi dan tak hanya sebagai wahana rekreasi, namun juga pengetahuan sejarah yang penting untuk diketahui.

Indonesia ialah salah satu negara dengan beragam destinasi liburan terbaik di dunia. Negara Indonesia ini memiliki banyak sekali adat istiadat, agama, ras dan suku. Serta, menyimpan banyak jenis kekayaan alam. Nah, dengan memiliki keanekaragaman tersebut tentunya Indonesia tak hanya tenar menjadi destinasi liburan kekayaan alamnya saja, namun juga destinasi liburan bersejarah yang pernah terjadi di negeri tanah air tersebut.

Candi Borobudur

Indonesia ternyata juga sudah dipenuhi oleh beragam jenis candi dan tersebar di beragam tempat sejak dahulu kala. Terdapat sejumlah candi yang memiliki masa masa kejayaan nya pada zaman kejayaan Hindu-Buddha di nusantara. Yang terpopuler ialah candi Borobudur dan ini merupakan salah satu ikon destnasi negara Indonesia. Candi ini terletak di daerah atau kawasan Magelang, Jawa Tengah, dan dapat diakses melalui kota jogjakarta atau semarang. Para ahli sejarah dan juga penemu situs tersebut membuat statement bahwa candi Borobudur ialah salah satu tempat sejarah paling unik ! Dikarenakan dibangun tanpa memakai semen atau sejenisnya ! Melainkan, dengan metode blok blok batu yang terkait satu sama lain, hebat juga ya ?

Taman Sari Yogyakarta

Taman ini memiliki bilik atau juga ruangan yang tidak lain adalah situs sakral, kolam pemandian, dan pulau kenanga yang populer saat ini. Di dalam taman sari Yogyakarta ada pula jembatan gantung, kolam pemandian, kanal, serta lorong bawah air yang dipakai oleh kerajaan dulu. Tempat liburan paling bersejarah ini sudah sangat terkenal sampai ke media sosial dikarenakan lorong bawah airnya yang indah nan sejuk ! Dengan nuansa klasik dan minimalis, rasanya kalian seperti berada kembali dalam memori yang pernah terjadi di waktu lalu.

Benteng Fort Rotterdam Makassar

Di benteng bersejarah seperti Fort Rotterdam ini juga memiliki beberapa ruangan tahanan atau penjara yang salah satunya ialah tempat dari penahanan Pangeran Diponegoro dan gereja yang dibangun pada zaman penjajahan Belanda dahulu kala. Tidak hanya itu, terkandung juga Museum La Galigo yang menyimpan 5.000 koleksi histori dan prasejarah, seperti keramik, naskah, serta etnografi yang terdiri dari beragam kesenian khas suku Bugis, Mandar, Toraja, dan Makassar.

Seorang tahanan yang pernah berada di Benteng bersejarah ini juga masih ada yang hidup. Pria asal Jepang dan sekarang sudah berusia 57 tahun. Kegiatannya sehari-hari adalah bermain Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya di Jepang. Namun dalam beberapa kesempatan Ia dipanggil dalam acara televisi untuk menceritakan pengalamannya menjadi tahanan sewaktu di Benteng Fort Makassar.

Gereja Katedral Jakarta

Tempat liburan histori di Jakarta lainnya tersedia Gereja Katedral. Dan menjadi salah satu bangunan cagar adat istiadat di Jakarta. Gereja Katedral merasa dibangun kala Paus Pius VII mengangkat pastor Nelissen sebagi prefek apostik Hindia Belanda pada 1807.

Dikala itulah di awali penyebaran misi dan pembangunan gereja katolik di wilayah nusantara, juga di Jakarta. Peletakkan batu gereja pertamanya dilaksanakan oleh Pro-vikaris, Carolus Wenneker.

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Sebab, permainan casino sbobet 338a live ini sangatlah mudah dan memberikan penghasilan secara pasti. Saat kalian bergabung dengan agen casino sbobet terpercaya maka langkah untuk mendapatkan liburan nya semakin dekat.

Tjong A Fie Medan Indonesia

Tjong A Fie Medan Indonesia – This is the name of a wealthy merchant from China (China) who succeeded in growing his business in Indonesia in 1860 – 1921. Also has a plantation business in Medan and has a large number of employees of more than 10,000 employees. Because of his abundant wealth, he finally made himself close to important acting figures from Medan.

In his day the house of Tjong A Fie was included as one of the most luxurious homes at that time. Even though the house is more than 100 years old, they still take care of it well so that its luxury is maintained. This house consists of 2 floors and the design consists of elements of the feel of a very unique ancient architecture. Until now the house has been considered as one of the cultural heritage of the cultured people in the city of Medan.

Mysterious House of Tjong A Fie Medan Indonesia

As one of the richest people in Indonesia in the era of 1860, Tjong A Fie bequeathed a magnificent house that has been more than 100 years old. Many mystical things happened felt & encountered by people who care for and maintain the house until now. But despite the famous horror of the house it is still visited by many tourists and foreign tourists from various foreign countries of the world.

Tjong A Fie Medan Indonesia

Aside from the mysterious case in Tjong A Fie’s house, the place has often made visitors feel the aura of Tjong A Fie’s life. As if it is like real but such feelings can only be felt in an instant. Along the location and contents of the place all visitors can see photos of Tjong A Fie along with his family members in the past. In the past, there was also a guard who liked to play ibcbet online who testified, if he often saw apparitions there.

Thus the latest information from us this time, thank you for always updating to read the latest news articles from us. Hopefully all the information you want can be fulfilled and completed here, then we will provide various other articles that are no less far more interesting than before here. Trusted and most accurate historical information site, available Slot Online Terpercaya to make it easier for you all.


The promised thing, the thing that should be

The promised thing, the thing that should be. With a little delay but good. Rule # 1 when we promise to release soon: never promise to release soon 🙂

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While I was there, I also put online news that I wrote for the Arte contest, with the theme of Vampires

Small update link on the left side of the site. Besides that, there’s not much that can be said about my mapper activity. After reading many documents about the SDK Source, I began to map HL HL / CSS and source mapping, in my opinion, was a good decision in relation to HL mapping. Some pretty good tutorials are available in the mapping area forum.

In addition, regarding this, I used it to place the two files that I compiled for my personal use, but after following the comments on the mapping forum, I suggested to you to download: this is the tutorial I used to find relevant and so I gathered together to file for editing and ease of consultation. That’s all, the first file is related to the first Half-Life tutorial about names and especially in English because when I lived in Scotland and I consulted mainly English-language sites. The second concerns mapping under Source and French which is rather oriented even if someone finds (and will find) tutorials in English easly like easy way to win Game of Situs Judi Online.

This tutorial is incomplete, I make it only for personal use and does not claim to complement or steal editor works: systematic references are shown in the second folder but not always in the first folder (yes, at times I don’t think at all publishing these files day).

As for the Nikita mod, everything moves pretty slowly for now

Wisata Bersejarah Yang Berada di Jakarta

Jika kita berada di Ibukota Jakarta, tentunya banyak sekali wisata bersejarah yang bisa kita kunjungi. Jakarta memang menjadi tempat yang layak dikunjugi sebagai salah satu destinasi utama,  kita bisa menemukan beragam jenis wisata di kota ini, mulai dari wisata budaya, kuliner, alam, belanja, keluarga dan masih banyak lagi.

Namun kali ini saya akan membagikan beberapa destinasi wisata sejarah yang terdapat di Jakarta. Tentunya sangat seru apabila kita berkunjung ke tempat yang bersejarah dan selain itu bakal menambah wawasan yang penting, langsung saja berikut ini beberapa wisata sejarah yang mesti anda kunjungi saat berada di Ibukota Indonesia ini guys.

Wisata Bersejarah Yang Berada di Jakarta

Wisata Bersejarah Yang Berada di Jakarta

1. Tugu Proklamasi

Ini merupakan tempat yang sangat bersejarah bagi bangsa Indonesia yaitu Tugu Proklamasi yang terletak di Jakarta Pusat. Tugu Proklamasi merupakan tempat pembacaan naskah proklamasi, yang membuat tempat ini merupakan kawasan yang sangat penting tak hanya bagi daerah Jakarta saja, namun juga menjadi penting bagi negara.

Perlu anda ketahui Tugu Proklamasi atau yang biasa disebut dengan Tugu Petir pertama kali dibangun pada 1 Januari 1961. Namun, peresmian tugu yang satu ini dilakukan oleh Bapak Soeharto, pada tanggal 17 Agustus 1972. Jika kita melihat patung Tugu Proklamasi, terdapat patung sang proklamator yakni, Soekarno – Hatta. Patung yang berdiri sangat kokoh ini masih banyak dikunjungi masyarakat, yang hendak ingin kenang kembali  sejarah pembacaan teks proklamasi. Tempat ini juga sering dijadikan lokasi upacara 17 Agustus setiap tahunnya.

2. Museum Satria Mandala

Museum yang satu ini terletak pada Jl. Gatot Subroto, Kuningan Bar, Mampang, Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta. Jika kita mengunjungi Museum Satri Mandala ini maka akan merasakan suasana berbeda pada lokasi ini. Hal ini dikarenakan museum yang satu ini, banyak sekali menyimpan sejarah perjalanan tetara Republik Indonesia.

Museum Satria Mandala sebelum  dijadikan museum, dulunya merupakan bekas dari rumah dari salah satu istri Presiden Soekarno yaitu Ratna Sari Dewi Soekarno. Seperti tujuan didirikannya museum tersebut adalah untuk mengenang perjalanan TNI, maka koleksi yang terdapat didalamnya ini cukup menarik dan merupakan kawasan yang cocok untuk belajar sejarah Indonesia.

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Know the History of the Clock Tower

This tall clock tower is commonly called the Gadang Clock Tower, and is located on the Bukit Tinggi Padang. The Clock Tower has a very large size by having a clock on four sides. The name for the name of this gadang clock is taken from the Minangkabau language, which means it is a large clock. Indeed in Indonesia we have a history that is very much at all like the others who are Our Beloved Homeland Is Prambanan Temple.

Know the History of the Clock Tower

Padang with this high hill city became the center of the marker along with the gadang hour which was made the most crowded tourist destination. Now the park has also been widened around the clock tower to attract the attention of tourists. Many people there use the park as a place to relax and hold events in general.

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This gadang clock is made using only lime and sand alone, without a mixture of iron or cement. There are four clock sides with a diameter of 80 cm each in this tower. This clock is only two units in the world, namely in Big Ben, London, England, and one, as you all know, is in the high hills. For making the watch directly imported from Rotterdam, the Netherlands through the bayur bay port.

The drive is used mechanically by a clockwork whose surface is located at the topmost level. You can find out about this watchmaker on the factory bell, Vortmann Relinghausen. The name is taken from the last name of the watchmaker Benhard Vortmann and Recklinghausen is our name from Germany which was the place where the 1892 clockwork was produced.

The year of manufacture of this gadang clock is in 1926, and this is as a gift from the Dutch queen to the Rookmaker. At that time the rookmaker had become a secretary or controleur during the Dutch East Indies government. The tower was designed by jazid Radjo Mangkuto, and was inaugurated using the first stone by his 6-year-old son at the time.

Our Beloved Homeland Is Prambanan Temple

One of the temples that is often heard in our beloved homeland is Prambanan Temple. The temple which is a temple for Hindus has an architectural style that is different from Borobudur Temple. But of course, the Prambanan Temple tour does not deter its beauty compared to the Borobudur Temple or the Angkor Wat temple.

Prambanan Temple is located in the village of Bokoharjo, Prambanan District, Sleman Regency in Jogjakarta. In contrast to the authentic history of Prambanan Temple, the name of this temple is legendary through a love story not until between Bandung Bandawasa and Rara Jongrang.

Prambanan Temple The Nice Place

Prambanan Temple


It is said that based on legend, Rara Jonggrang begged a thousand temples in one night like the prerequisites of Bandung Bandawasa applications. Through the encouragement of genies, Bandung Bandawasa was able to cope with a thousand temples which at the end were thwarted by Rara Jonggrang. Just same with Magnificent Pagoda in the Karo Plateau of Medan.

Understanding the cheating carried out by Rara Jonggrang about such matter, Bandung Bandawasa became furious and cursed Rara Jonggrang to be the last statue of a thousand temples which he built in one night about such. Because of this, a female statue appeared in one of the Prambanan Temples.

This temple is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the most Hindu temple in Indonesia, as well as one of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia. The architecture of this building is large and slender appropriate to Hindu architecture in general with Shiva temples as the main temple has a height of 47 m soar amid the complex cluster of smaller temples. Like one of the grandest temples in Southeast Asia, the Prambanan temple is a tourist attraction from around the world.

The restoration of Prambanan Temple took a very long time, as if it did not end. The rediscovery of the most building ruins, the Syiwa Temple, was reported by C. A. Lons in 1733. Initial excavation and recording efforts were carried out at the base of the supervision of Groneman. Excavations were completed in 1885, including clearing of shrubs and grouping of temple ruins.

Based on the Siwagrha inscription, this temple began to be formed near 850 AD by Rakai Pikatan, and continued to be optimized and expanded by Balitung Maha Sambu, during the Medang kingdom of Mataram. Prambanan Temple or Loro Jonggrang Temple is the most complicated Hindu temple in Indonesia that was formed in the 9th century AD. This temple was told to Trimurti, 3 main Hindu deities namely Brahma like a creator god, Wishnu was like a guardian god, and Shiva was like a god of destruction. For Siwagrha inscriptions the temple’s complicated and authentic name is Siwagrha (Sanskrit meaning “House of Shiva”), and indeed in the garbagriha (main room) this temple is housed in a 3 m tall Shiva Mahadewa statue which shows that in this temple Shiva is preferred.

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The name Prambanan, derived from the name of the village where the temple area stands, is predicted to be a Javanese dialect change from the Hindu theological designation of the Brahmins, meaning “Great Brahman” ie Brahman or the highest and most eternal, unverifiable reality, which is often equated with the concept of Maha in Hinduism. Another assumption is that the Brahmins may refer to the heyday of this temple which was once filled with Brahmins. Another assumption makes a comment that the name “Prambanan” comes from the base of the word mban in Javanese, which means to bear or carry a task, referring to the Hindu gods who carry out the task of fixing and working on harmony in the universe.

The complicated authentic name of this Hindu temple is the name of Sanskrit; Siwagrha (House of Shiva) or Siwalaya (Nature of Shiva), for Siwagrha Inscription dating to 778 Saka (856 AD). Trimurti is glorified in this elaborate temple with 3 main temples glorifying Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. It is intended that Shiva Mahadewa who occupies the main room in the Shiva temple is a highly glorified deity in the intricate of this temple.

The History of the Magnificent Pagoda in the Karo Plateau of Medan

Tourist attractions in northern Sumatra, Medan there is a very beautiful tourist spot. In the interest of all terrain people and tourists visiting Medan. Because the tourist attractions this one is very much interesting history of a magnificent pagoda for Buddhist worship. Better known as lumbini garden.

The tourist attractions are very much entertainment to be enjoyed as there is a children’s playground. The pagoda is a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar. So beautiful with beautiful relief buildings.

If you go to Medan, you can visit this one Lumbini park and other tours so beutiful. Because of its uniqueness and there are also various kinds of playground for adults and children. There are also various gazebos to rest when you are tired of walking around.

The History of Magnificent Sangan Pagoda Interesting

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The History of Magnificent Sangan Pagoda Interesting

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The Origin of Banyuwangi

The Origins of Banyuwangi, in the area of ​​the island of Java there is a kora named Banyuwangi. This place has a historical story of a river, occurred in a kingdom in earlier times. East Java still strongly believes in the historic story that happened in the Javanese kingdom of Maja Bitter at that time, they took lessons from this historic story about a wife who always obeyed her husband. There are moral and religious values ​​contained in this historical value.

In the days of the Javanese kingdom, there was a kingdom & a powerful ruler to lead the kingdom. This work was called Sindurejo which was led by a just and wise king named Raden Banterang. This king was very fond of hunting wild animals in the forest, until one day he met a woman in the middle of the forest. At that time the King was lost and separated from his army, a woman came out from the forest and approached him.

Raja Raden Banterang also asked “who are you? And where are you from? The woman also answered” my name is Surati, I am a princess who came from the kingdom of Klungkung. Please save me because my father is gone and our kingdom was attacked “. Feeling sorry for the King brought him into the Sindurejo kingdom, seeing a beautiful Surati face, both of them finally got married and lived happily. Princess Surati lost all members of her family, except her sister who knows where they are.

The Event of the Occurrence of Banyuwangi

At that time the daughter of Surati went out of Isatana to get some fresh air by herself, it was not known by Raja Raden Banterang. On her journey, Surati’s daughter met her brother, they also told me about all the events in their lives for a long time. The older brother also told his sister to put a lifeline under the mattress of her husband Raja Raden Banterang. Princess Surati then did as her sister had ordered.

But Raja Raden Banterang knew this, and instead felt very threatened. He thought his wife wanted to harm him, in a state of anger King Raden Banterang brought his wife to the riverbank to ask for honesty from his wife. Then Putri Surati said “If I die in this river and the water smells good, know that I am not lying to you”. After Putri Surati jumped into the river, the water immediately became fragrant & clean, Raja Raden Banterang finally regretted that his wife did not lie to him.

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Borobudur Temple is the Most Popular Historical Place in Medan

Borobudur Temple is the Most Popular-Borobudur temple is a historic place for Buddhists who receive the feast of Vesak which has a maturity of 5 months every year. Where Buddhists will agree to bathe Buddha with the symbol of cleaning up things that are not good, then all things that are not good will be cleansed after each person bathes the Buddha statue. This depends on each other’s beliefs. Because Vesak holiday is a big holiday for Buddhists. For that they will comment on the place in the Borobudur temple.

In addition, in this Borobudur Temple is the Most Popular there is also a very beautiful view to take pictures. Mementikan a very beautiful place for family or dating. If you travel to Medan don’t forget to visit in the city of Borobudur temple. Here there are very interesting histories to discuss because there are various Buddha statues that are very curious for you to know.

Borobudur Temple Is Also An Online Football Gambling Place

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History of Lake Toba

Nice to meet you again in our latest article, where in this discussion we will discuss the history of Lake Toba. Where the famous history of the formation of this lake is very well known in Indonesia, the largest lake in Indonesia-North Sumatra. Behind the beauty of this lake there is an interesting true story of the bond of human relations with alien creatures incarnated fish.

It is said that there used to be a single man living as a rice farmer in the village, in his daily life he did work and also survived alone. Until arriving in a dry season, the water in the rice fields becomes dry. When he was clearing his rice field, this man heard a voice asking for help from around his field, the aura was very close and clearly came from among the rice leaves in his field.

After finding a goldfish who was critical because of lack of water, it turns out the voice for help came from the magic fish. Then this man brought goldfish to the house to be given clean water for him to breathe. After a long time the incarnation of this fish turned into a figure of a beautiful woman, to repay her fish, she married the man who owned the rice field.

History of Lake Toba Occurrence of a Child Named Toba

History of Lake Toba Occurrence of a Child Named Toba

After marrying the incarnation of the fish had a son and was named Toba, after growing up the child was often told to deliver food to his father who was working in the fields. Until one day Toba hung out on the road and ate all his father’s food on the way to the rice fields. Knowing this his father became angry and said “you son of a fish”, while filling toba fill and go home to complain to his mother.

Knowing what his father had said to Toba, his mother told him to run to the top of the mountain from the village. Not long after that a very large water source arrived so that all the contents of the village sank, residents who liked to play gambling on also drowned. Toba’s mother turned back into a goldfish, in that village only Toba was left who survived. Next Toba came out of the village, so far no one knows what this child is doing.

Borobudur Temple Historic Sites in Indonesia

Borobudur Temple is one of the historical places in Indonesia which is a temple that belonged to our predecessors which made this temple one of the 7 Wonders of the World that made the Indonesian State one of them. This place itself is located in Central Java Island, located in Jogjakarta, which is thick with Javanese customs. Besides that, this temple is owned by Buddhist people who own this temple. Many of the umata who come from Buddhism come to conduct worship in it.

Borobudur Temple Historic Sites

In addition, this temple is a destination of many foreign tourists who make this temple more famous for its magic and also makes this temple more and more crowded visitors from all foreign countries come. Even online soccer gambling players at trusted agen ibcbet Zack Lim who is famous for his wealth in Europe have also come to the temple and many other artists who come during his holiday time spent in Indonesia.

And if you come to a historical place like this you can visit with good manners and also you can also maintain your habits and cleanliness which makes you an exemplary visitor and also a role model by anyone who sees you in tourist attractions that are still maintain or uphold the cleanliness and preservation of this historic place.

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Almost the same as St James’s Luxury Palace where many tourists have been like that where with a high sense of tolerance they continue to do not have dirt or things that are desired or undesirable to be really kept away by the country and also set an example for those who others when visiting the following tourist attractions. So the point is you should be able to maintain the preservation of historical places and also maintain your behavior to make yourself better and become a role model for many people who see you when you do such a laudable thing.

St James’s Luxury Palace For King Family

St James’s Castle is the oldest royal palace ever built in the United Kingdom (London). The palace is located in the city of Westminster, although it is not the main residence of the sovereigns in the United Kingdom. who once lived in this magnificent palace alone.

This magnificent palace was built and erected by King Henry VIII intended to serve as a special hospital for lepers and this hospital was given to Saint James to be the head of this hospital after we know about this soon.

St James’s Luxury Palace

The Great Palace also had a second influence on the other luxury Nan’s Palace, the WhiteHall Palace for the greater number of Tudor and Stuart rulers. The palace became more influential during the early reign of the Georgian monarchy, but was replaced sooner by the more luxurious Palace of St James’s Castle, Buckingham Palace.

St James's Luxury Palace

And that happened in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. After many years this palace was used for formal purposes only, it was used for a mere transfer by Queen Victoria in 1837. Today, the castle contains a number of official offices and a collection of ambassadors and high commissioners for the United Kingdom itself. which is still accredited to the Court of St James’s.

Initially before the palace itself was established it was of a very old age, built in 1531 and 1536 with red bricks. The architecture of this luxury palace uses a familiar model known to people of old as Tudor style. In 1809 an unexpected incident occurred that caused a fire that caused the ruins of the structure itself to be disintegrated by the fire itself.

The personal residence of the uninsured superintendent was also destroyed or destroyed as a result of this incident. Some parts of the 17th century were still saved but some were refurbished in parts of the 19th century where many of the historic relics were also auctioned off by the palace authorities.

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The Best Way To Dress Up For A Party

The Best Way To Dress Up For A Party – Almost everyone loves to wear colorful and stylish costumes. Children take parts in different types of fancy dress competitions. There are several fancy costume themes to choose from. Cinderella costumes are loved by many little young girls. This fairy tale character is really quite inspiring and interesting. In fancy dress competitions, we often see little girls wearing Cinderella costumes. Girls Cinderella costumes are quite popular.

There are several stores that offer different varieties of Cinderella costumes. They vary in quality and price. You need to do some research before selecting one item from a long list. Disney Princess Cinderella costumes are loved by most of the kids. These dresses are available in two categories, prestige and deluxe.

How to Make The Best Way To Dress for A Woman

Deluxe Cinderella costumes are available in affordable prices. These dresses are designed with blue silky clothes with velvet-like bodice. These costumes are manufactured from polyester. So, you need to make it sure that your children are tolerant to it. Puffy nylon sleeves are complimented by beautiful silver scroll print.

The Best Way To

The Prestige Cinderella costumes are bit expensive. It may become difficult for common p-people to afford these clothes. But these dresses are high in quality and texture. These costumes are sleeveless and are designed with a metallic inset. Images from the films are designed on the skirt?s nylon overlay.

Cinderella shoes will give that perfect Cinderella look to your child. There are two kinds of Cinderella slippers, regular and deluxe. The deluxe slippers are covered with silver colored coating. They are transparent. The regular Cinderella slippers are also transparent but they are not designed with silver coated insoles. Both these shoes feature a cameo of the fairy tale character on the strap. The deluxe Cinderella shoes are designed with white beads and rhinestones.

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Before selecting any Cinderella costume you need to do some research. There are a number of stores to offer such kinds of dresses. You need to consider the quality factor. Make it sure that your child feel comfortable in the dress. You can browse through the sites to check the designs, colors, patterns. Price is also an important issue that you need to consider while buying these stuffs.

Little young girls and grown up ladies love to attire in Cinderella costumes. Girls Cinderella costumes are one of the popular choices for World Book Days and Halloween parties. There are different types of Cinderella costumes to choose from.

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Classic Disney Cinderella costumes are quite popular. You can find both adult Cinderella costumes and children costumes. These dresses are available in different sizes. If you want your dress to be as realistic as possible, you need to opt for original versions. These costumes complete with beautiful gloves and headband. You can also purchase different accessories such as a magic wand and tiara to add a personal touch to the dress.

Sexy Cinderella dresses are quite popular. There are varieties of sexy Cinderella costumes. You can select one that your child loves. Comfort factor need to be considered while buying any Cinderella costume. So what are you waiting for? Dress up your young girl and look great!”