The Origins of Banyuwangi, in the area of ​​the island of Java there is a kora named Banyuwangi. This place has a historical story of a river, occurred in a kingdom in earlier times. East Java still strongly believes in the historic story that happened in the Javanese kingdom of Maja Bitter at that time, they took lessons from this historic story about a wife who always obeyed her husband. There are moral and religious values ​​contained in this historical value.

In the days of the Javanese kingdom, there was a kingdom & a powerful ruler to lead the kingdom. This work was called Sindurejo which was led by a just and wise king named Raden Banterang. This king was very fond of hunting wild animals in the forest, until one day he met a woman in the middle of the forest. At that time the King was lost and separated from his army, a woman came out from the forest and approached him.

Raja Raden Banterang also asked “who are you? And where are you from? The woman also answered” my name is Surati, I am a princess who came from the kingdom of Klungkung. Please save me because my father is gone and our kingdom was attacked “. Feeling sorry for the King brought him into the Sindurejo kingdom, seeing a beautiful Surati face, both of them finally got married and lived happily. Princess Surati lost all members of her family, except her sister who knows where they are.

The Event of the Occurrence of Banyuwangi

At that time the daughter of Surati went out of Isatana to get some fresh air by herself, it was not known by Raja Raden Banterang. On her journey, Surati’s daughter met her brother, they also told me about all the events in their lives for a long time. The older brother also told his sister to put a lifeline under the mattress of her husband Raja Raden Banterang. Princess Surati then did as her sister had ordered.

But Raja Raden Banterang knew this, and instead felt very threatened. He thought his wife wanted to harm him, in a state of anger King Raden Banterang brought his wife to the riverbank to ask for honesty from his wife. Then Putri Surati said “If I die in this river and the water smells good, know that I am not lying to you”. After Putri Surati jumped into the river, the water immediately became fragrant & clean, Raja Raden Banterang finally regretted that his wife did not lie to him.

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