Borobudur Temple is the Most Popular-Borobudur temple is a historic place for Buddhists who receive the feast of Vesak which has a maturity of 5 months every year. Where Buddhists will agree to bathe Buddha with the symbol of cleaning up things that are not good, then all things that are not good will be cleansed after each person bathes the Buddha statue. This depends on each other’s beliefs. Because Vesak holiday is a big holiday for Buddhists. For that they will comment on the place in the Borobudur temple.

In addition, in this Borobudur Temple is the Most Popular there is also a very beautiful view to take pictures. Mementikan a very beautiful place for family or dating. If you travel to Medan don’t forget to visit in the city of Borobudur temple. Here there are very interesting histories to discuss because there are various Buddha statues that are very curious for you to know.

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