Nice to meet you again in our latest article, where in this discussion we will discuss the history of Lake Toba. Where the famous history of the formation of this lake is very well known in Indonesia, the largest lake in Indonesia-North Sumatra. Behind the beauty of this lake there is an interesting true story of the bond of human relations with alien creatures incarnated fish.

It is said that there used to be a single man living as a rice farmer in the village, in his daily life he did work and also survived alone. Until arriving in a dry season, the water in the rice fields becomes dry. When he was clearing his rice field, this man heard a voice asking for help from around his field, the aura was very close and clearly came from among the rice leaves in his field.

After finding a goldfish who was critical because of lack of water, it turns out the voice for help came from the magic fish. Then this man brought goldfish to the house to be given clean water for him to breathe. After a long time the incarnation of this fish turned into a figure of a beautiful woman, to repay her fish, she married the man who owned the rice field.

History of Lake Toba Occurrence of a Child Named Toba

History of Lake Toba Occurrence of a Child Named Toba

After marrying the incarnation of the fish had a son and was named Toba, after growing up the child was often told to deliver food to his father who was working in the fields. Until one day Toba hung out on the road and ate all his father’s food on the way to the rice fields. Knowing this his father became angry and said “you son of a fish”, while filling toba fill and go home to complain to his mother.

Knowing what his father had said to Toba, his mother told him to run to the top of the mountain from the village. Not long after that a very large water source arrived so that all the contents of the village sank, residents who liked to play gambling on also drowned. Toba’s mother turned back into a goldfish, in that village only Toba was left who survived. Next Toba came out of the village, so far no one knows what this child is doing.