This tall clock tower is commonly called the Gadang Clock Tower, and is located on the Bukit Tinggi Padang. The Clock Tower has a very large size by having a clock on four sides. The name for the name of this gadang clock is taken from the Minangkabau language, which means it is a large clock. Indeed in Indonesia we have a history that is very much at all like the others who are Our Beloved Homeland Is Prambanan Temple.

Know the History of the Clock Tower

Padang with this high hill city became the center of the marker along with the gadang hour which was made the most crowded tourist destination. Now the park has also been widened around the clock tower to attract the attention of tourists. Many people there use the park as a place to relax and hold events in general.

This park is very spacious and very comfortable, so there are also some people who are happy with playing the game Roulette Online there with their equipment. They usually only bring some danalas to be able to relax in the park and play together with the group. Indeed this roulette online casino live game will be able to be more focused when played in a very comfortable place.

This gadang clock is made using only lime and sand alone, without a mixture of iron or cement. There are four clock sides with a diameter of 80 cm each in this tower. This clock is only two units in the world, namely in Big Ben, London, England, and one, as you all know, is in the high hills. For making the watch directly imported from Rotterdam, the Netherlands through the bayur bay port.

The drive is used mechanically by a clockwork whose surface is located at the topmost level. You can find out about this watchmaker on the factory bell, Vortmann Relinghausen. The name is taken from the last name of the watchmaker Benhard Vortmann and Recklinghausen is our name from Germany which was the place where the 1892 clockwork was produced.

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The year of manufacture of this gadang clock is in 1926, and this is as a gift from the Dutch queen to the Rookmaker. At that time the rookmaker had become a secretary or controleur during the Dutch East Indies government. The tower was designed by jazid Radjo Mangkuto, and was inaugurated using the first stone by his 6-year-old son at the time.